40 Years Anniversary Symposium

since the optical fiber backbone network was introduced in Japan

Symposium lecturers will talk about hardships they experienced during at that time. They will also talk about the attitudes of researchers based on their experience, “how they tackle and how they challenge to the topics at that time”.

On the System side

Dr. Kazuo Hagimoto photo

Dr. Kazuo Hagimoto

(Program Director, Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Program National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT))

On the Device side

Honorary Prof. Yasuharu Suematsu photo

Honorary Prof. Yasuharu Suematsu

(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Professor Katsuyuki Utaka photo

Professor Katsuyuki Utaka

(Waseda University / KDD at that time)

Professor Yuzo Yoshikuni  photo

Professor Yuzo Yoshikuni

(Kitasato University / NTT at that time)

Professor Larry. A. Coldren  photo

Professor Larry. A. Coldren

(U.C. Santa Barbara / AT&T Bell Labs at that time)

Dr Bjorn Broberg photo

Dr Björn Broberg

(Co-founder of Altitun and Syntune / Institute of Microelectronics at that time)

Session Organizer

Dr. Yuichi Tohmori photo

Dr. Yuichi Tohmori

(President of Tsurugi-Photonics Foundation / NTT at that time )