Rump Session
(Rump session is an on-site event.)

Surface-Emission or Edge-Emission?

The rump session is an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Under the theme of semiconductor laser diversity, this time, we encourage discussions of the topics listed below. The audience is encouraged to ask questions, make insightful comments, offer different perspectives, and challenge each other.

Rump Session Organizers
Dr. Yasumasa Kawakita

Yasumasa Kawakita

(Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)

Dr. Menaka De Zoysa

Menaka De Zoysa

(Kyoto University)

Dr. Daisuke Okamoto

Daisuke Okamoto

(AIO Core Co., Ltd.)

Rump Session Panelists

Tomohiro Amemiya

(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Hiroyuki Hagino

(Panasonic Holdings Corp.)

Masanao Kamata

(Sony Group Corp.)

Kyoko Kitamura

(Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Rintaro Morohashi

(Fujikura Ltd.)

Kazutaka Takeda

(FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.)


Traditionally, in semiconductor lasers, it has been implicitly understood that Surface-Emitting lasers are for low-power consumption and Edge-Emitting lasers are for high-power applications. In recent years, however, the applications of these two types of lasers have started to overlap, with the achievement of Surface-Emitting lasers with several tens of watts of output power, such as photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers, and the achievement of Edge-Emitting lasers with low-power consumption, such as membrane lasers. In addition, lasing mode control, introduction of high functionalities, combination with photonic integrated circuits, and expansion of the range of emission wavelengths are also active fields of research. The technological innovations that have happened in both types of lasers lead us to reconsider our conventional way of thinking.

  • Are semiconductor lasers mature enough in their current applications?
  • What are the current and upcoming bottlenecks?
  • Are there any possibilities to incorporate the advantages of each type of laser in future developments?
  • What new functionalities are required for “Future Smart Applications” and can semiconductor lasers play an important role in this regard?