• Semiconductor lasers
  • Semiconductor optical amplifiers
  • Silicon compatible lasers
  • Surface emitting lasers (VCSELs, VECSELs, and PCSELs) and related devices
  • Photonic band-gap and microcavity lasers
  • Grating controlled lasers
  • Multi-segment and ring lasers
  • Quantum cascade and interband cascade lasers
  • Sub-wavelength scale nanolasers
  • MWIR, LWIR, and THz sources
  • InP, GaAs and Sb materials
  • Quantum dot lasers
  • High power and high-brightness lasers
  • GaN and ZnSe based UV to visible LDs and LEDs
  • Lasers for communications, LIDAR, and atomic applications
  • Semiconductor photonic integrated circuits


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