Workshop Session

Silicon Photonics is reaching a level of maturity where it is becoming the default component technology for many applications. However, the more established Silicon Photonics processes still do not incorporate optical gain, needed to form laser diodes. This workshop aims to give the workshop participant an overview of current efforts to integrate lasers with Silicon Photonic components. The scope will include efforts to incorporate III-V material with Silicon optical waveguides, as well as reviewing efforts targeted at more specific applications and capabilities. The workshop will be initiated by a short presentation by each of the invited speakers, followed by an open discussion session.

Dr. Hideki Yagi, Sumitomo Electric Industries

"Hybrid Lasers with Monolithic Integration of InP-based Active Regions and Si Waveguides Using Direct Bonding Technology"

Dr. Sylvie Menezo, SCINTIL Photonics

“III-V augmented Silicon photonic integrated circuit technology by bonding and patterning III-V material on the backside of silicon photonic base wafers”

Dr. Bei Shi, University of California Santa Barbara

"Prospects on Lasers on Silicon Integration by Heteroepitaxy"

Dr. Matt Sysak, Ayar Labs

“Laser technology for monolithic CMOS and Silicon Photonics”

Dr. Tin Komljenovic, Nexus Photonics

"Extending the wavelength range of lasers on silicon"

Prof. Tomohiro Kita, Waseda University

"Development of silicon photonics LiDAR integrated with hybrid tunable laser diode"

Session Organizer

Dr. Leif Johansson - Freedom Photonics LLC